Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3 - Beginnings, Art & Books

My love of books started very young.  I'm not sure of my exact age, but one of the first was a very large picture book.  They were called My Big Little Golden Books and measured about 12 by 9 inches.  Mine was called Wonders of Nature and I loved it.  The illustrations were by Eloise Wilkin, and they were beautiful.

 This was the beginning of my love affair with books and art.  Over the years, I've read hundreds of books.  When my grandpa couldn't get me to the library, I would pick up the Childcraft Encyclopedias.  I read them from cover to cover.  I loved reading so much, I read about subjects I wasn't naturally drawn to, such as science.  When I'd exhausted all of my books, and my sister's, I started reading books from my grandparents shelves.  This was everything from Go Tell It On The Mountain by James Baldwin to The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.  Then I moved on to magazines.  We always had Better Homes & Gardens, Readers Digest, and National Geographic.

Stories opened a new world for me.  One of travel, adventure, and imagination.  These days I spend much of my reading time online, visiting other bloggers, and continuing my happy journey with the written word.

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Donna said...

Oh, those illustrations look precious! And LOOK! A bunny!!! That Marty always manages to be the center of attention...

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh girl you sound like me. I look for these fabulous books every time I go out!!! I am on line looking to find the finds of the day. I love all of my vintage children's book. I keep them near me for inspiration for sure. So I totally get you. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. Praying that the Lord will keep you and make His wonderful face to shine upon and give you His peace. Best to you.

Donna said...

My first book was Ferdinand...I fell in love with reading.

Nita Jo said...

Donna, There is Marty! He does love to sneak his way in. Lol!

Vanessa, I figured you'd love the vintage illustrations. I'm in love with your beautiful artwork! Thank you for your prayers!

And to Donna S., Ferdinand is another favorite of mine. I have a very old edition. One of these days I should scan some of the images. I'll have to make sure it's free to copy first. Hugs to you too!