Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22 NaBloPoMo - Beginnings, Plus Sunday Scribblings - Possible

The possibilities seemed endless when they were young.  Life was just beginning, stretching out before them with dozens of adventures and dreams to choose from.  So how did they get here?  A mortgage more than double what their home was worth, kids long gone from the nest, and still not living the life they once imagined.  Jenny and Doug looked at each other across the kitchen table.

"Where do we go from here?" she asked.

"I wish I knew.  I can't believe everything is gone.  Job, credit, assets.  We can't survive on what you're bringing in." he dropped his head into his hands.  Jenny sat quietly, thoughtfully looking at her husband.  "Well, I've been thinking about something for a while.  You know how we always dreamed of traveling?  Why not just let the bank have this place, sell off everything we own, and just go for it?"  she waited.

Slowly Doug raised his head, they locked eyes, and sat in silence for a couple of minutes.  Then he started to smile and she smiled back.  "I didn't lose all my retirement.  If we're careful, we could stretch it out for quite a while.  The motor home is paid for and it's still in great running condition.  Gas would be expensive, but this might just work." he paused, "The kids will think we've lost our minds."

"Let them.  They're all grown up and have their own lives to worry about.  This is about us.  What's best for you and me!"

Their smiles grew wider, and they began to laugh.  For the first time in years, they had a bit of hope.  An idea for a fresh start.  If they just took the chance, anything was possible.

© 22JAN12 ajj

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Kate said...

This is an uplifting little piece, like slices of sunlight in a dark space.