Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8 - Beginnings, Sorting Christmas - Plus The Sunday Scribblings Word Prompt - Normal

The New Year has truly begun.  I finally took down my Christmas tree.  I've been going through my huge collection of ornaments and weeding out many.  I find I'm tired of mass produced plastic or resin ornaments.  I'll keep a few sentimental Hallmark pieces, but many are going to find a new home!

I plan to spend some time creating handmade ornaments for next years tree.  I saw a cute idea on a decorating show that I'm going to try.  If it works out, I'll post photos.  If it doesn't... well, I'll probably never mention it again!  I'll also be doing a little bit of Etsy and blog shopping for handmade creations.  My budget being what is is right now, it will be a very tiny bit of shopping. 

Following is a short piece I did for the Sunday Scribblings Prompt, Normal...

What do you really see, when you look at me
I am not your normal, run of the mill kind of woman
My style is undefined, eclectic, ok... it's weird
My laugh is sometimes much too loud
And even my friends say I talk expansively
Which is apparent to me, when folks wander off
While I remain mid-sentence,
rambling perhaps, but singed just a touch
because I hoped my words would be meaningful
or at least entertaining
Normal I am not, but are you

© 08JAN12 ajj


Giggles said...

Very nice I can relate to! Normal is not in my realm either! I prefer it that way! Nice post!! It's rare to find a creative person who is so called normal! Thankfully!

Hugs Giggles

Donna said...

Nice poem Nita! And I say, Just WHO IS normal??!!Hahaa...certainly not me!

Nita Jo said...

Thanks ladies! Who wants to be normal anyway? That's no fun. Lol! This is loosely based on my experiences and a friend's. It just fit the prompt so well!