Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 26 - Beginnings... Just missed my deadline

Well, it's actually Day 27.  I've missed my first deadline since starting this challenge.  So I'll talk about what caused this... procrastination.  It's a bad habit that I'm constantly fighting to overcome.  Even though I know it's extremely inconsiderate, even rude, to be late, I find I am often arriving well past the expected hour.  It's not intentional.  Sometimes it speaks of my reluctance to leave my home.  I'm uncomfortable in many social situations, so I delay getting ready to go.  I also can't decide if I'd just be happier canceling.  Usually when I do arrive, I have a wonderful time.  It's just a matter of getting past the anxiety.

I procrastinate on my own projects too.  It used to be, the excitement of a looming deadline would be enough to carry me through.  I'd get finished, just in the nick of time.  I know I don't have the same energy levels these days.  I still feel the adrenaline rush, but rarely make the deadlines.  There is only one solution.  That is to change my ways, forget about the fun of racing to the finish, and just enjoy a slower pace.  I'm now 13 minutes past my deadline.  I'll do better tomorrow!  I promise!

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Donna said...

If I put things off, they follow me around! fun that!
Happy weekend Girl!