Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24 - Beginnings, Finding Joy

Today has been a beautiful one.  Not the weather, it's been overcast and very cold.  Just something about the day.  Maybe it's because I woke up feeling good.  My head cold is waning, and I slept much better last night. 

My mind has been filled with ideas.  Things I want to do, things I'm looking forward to.  A visit from my sister-in-law in a couple of weeks.  My lil sis and one of my best friends have birthdays coming up.  That means a lunch or dinner out with each of them!  I talked to my husband about some craft projects I want his help with.  That may mean buying myself a couple of tools, but it will be fun!  He thought it sounded like fun too.  I'll keep you posted on this. 

I've also been thinking about my journey with my faith.  I hit a crisis a few months back.  It felt like I might never recover, but I did.  I was reading this post today, Talking To God.  That's how it is for me.  Things hit, and maybe send me reeling, but I always have God to turn to.  It doesn't mean that life is always rosy and wonderful.  It does mean I can find joy, in even the darkest of times.  Hoping you are finding the joy in your life!


Tarang Sinha said...

It’s a true blessing to have joy, peace and contentment in life. Nice piece of writing:)

Donna said...

Glad you get to visit Sister soon!

I think the trick is, to be Still when those moments happen...and just listen...and Believe...

Nita Jo said...

Tarang, Thanks for visiting! If you want to read my Sunday Scribblings, those posts are all labeled for it. I really enjoyed your poem!

Thanks Donna! I am always "hanging in" there through it all. When my faith gets tromped on, I eventually bounce right back! :)